Look Beyond Photography: Episode 15 “Don’t Get Me Started”

You wanna know what I hate about the photography business?  Ugh, don’t get me started!

How often do you feel like this?  Most of us have that one button that gets pressed, and when it does it ruins the rest of our day.  Maybe for some it’s something to do with bookkeeping, or others in dealing with clients, some people have a “rival” photographer that just gets under their skin, and some may hate scheduling.  Whatever it is, you know how it can just kill your mood, attitude, and productivity.

We need to be very cautious in how we handle these “button-pushing” moments.  For me, I’ve always had a tendency to complain.  As soon as something doesn’t go my way or I have to deal with a situation that I have no patience for, my gut reaction is to just voice how miserable it makes me and how much I hate it.  The problem with complaining though is that it’s like a contagion that grows.  Before I know it, I’m complaining about everything…to anyone that will listen…and then just like a virus that spreads, they start complaining too!  The more I complain, the more things I find to complain about.  Even to the point that I’m complaining about things that aren’t even an issue!

Shoosh! - Joshua Hanna Photography

Shoosh! – Joshua Hanna Photography

Not only does it spread, but it’s mentally and spiritually unhealthy and exhausting.  Complaining readily leads to stress, anger, jealousy and discontentment, to name a few.  It’s puts your focus on everything that we see as “wrong” with a situation until we ignore everything that is right.  Did you know it’s impossible to solve a problem while complaining about it?  It’s true!  Complaining shuts down creativity and limits our problem-solving abilities because it prevents us from thinking objectively through a situation.  It makes us biased to see a situation as only in a negative light.

Ever talked to someone that is a serious complainer?  You know, the kind of person that can light up a room just by leaving it!  No one enjoys being around that kind of person.  We all would prefer to be around people that are happy and encouraging and a joy to be around…but let’s face it, sometimes when our attitude goes unchecked it can turn us into a soul-sucking party-pooper.

I’ve come a long way in handling my tendencies to complain (though I’ll admit, it rears it’s ugly head on occasion), but I’ve only been able to do this because I recognized that it was a problem.  Sometimes we’re so busy criticizing other people that we forget to think critically about our own shortcomings and issues that need to be addressed.  As a Christian, I find that it helps to keep short accounts with God.  You see, He only wants what is best for us, but our goals are often not aligned with what His goals for us are.  So by checking in with Him often, He helps point out areas in my life that are lacking or that are a little “off kilter”.

Stop for a few minutes today and do a self-checkup.  Is there anything that you’ve left unchecked and it’s tearing into your happiness, creativity, or productiveness?  Maybe it’s time for an attitude adjustment.  Not only will it benefit your family, friends and all those around you…but it will benefit YOU!