Look Beyond Photography: Episode 16 “Don’t Panic…Just Reboot”

How many of you remember the infamous Windows “Blue Screen of Death”?

Coming from a background in IT, I can say there’s something you learn very quickly.  When it comes to fixing a large number of computer problems, glitches, crashes, and general nonsensical-ness on behalf of your operating system, the initial go-to troubleshooting step is always the same…stop working and reboot!  Trust me, it works.  Rebooting your computer allows the system to clear out any old data, code, or commands that could be corrupt or simply no longer needed which may just be hanging around waiting to create a snag in your processes.  It resets the system, reloads files, and prepares it to run as designed.

We can create a direct comparison in this behavior to how we live day to day as well.  Sometimes, life just has a way of bogging us down and slowing up our processes.  It could be old data from our past hanging around and keeping new thoughts and ideas from forming.  Maybe it’s that we’re working on so many processes at once that our system just gets overloaded.  Perhaps we may even have some corrupt files that are affecting our core beliefs and how we perceive the world.  If you can relate to any of this, then it’s time that you reboot!

Unwind With the Wind - Joshua Hanna Photography

Unwind With the Wind – Joshua Hanna Photography

Just like working on our computer systems, sometimes the need for a reboot comes at the most inconvenient time.  Right in the middle of a big project or when trying to meet deadlines.  We try to push on but the more we demand of our computer system, the slower it goes and the more errors we start to encounter.  It’s at these times that rebooting makes the most sense.  That ten or fifteen minutes it may take to save your work and reboot your system can save hours of frustration in the long run.  But how often do we just try to push on through, get one more file edited or get one more order placed, and before you know it the whole system locks up and you’ve lost your unsaved work!

This is life!  Sometimes we need just need to reset.  It doesn’t always come at the most convenient time, but in order to get the best performance out of our body, soul and mind, we need to take those times to shut down, clear everything out, and come online with a fresh start.  Sometimes this can be a twenty minute break away from things, but ultimately it’s more than that.  It’s unplugging from the systems you’re currently connected to so that you can assess your performance.  It’s taking time to reflect on God’s will for your life to ensure we’re running as smoothly as possible.  It’s allowing your body and mind time to rest so that they don’t burn out or start to function improperly.

If you’re feeling bogged down in life right now or maybe you feel like you’re just not running right, then stop everything and reboot.  You will be amazed how everything can change when you come at life with a fresh start.