Look Beyond Photography: Episode 38 “The Power of Encouragement”

Sometimes, the difference between failure and success can be as simple as an encouraging word.

We underestimate the power of influence we have on those around us.  …and as we all know, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”  But far too often we overlook our responsibility to use this power on those that may benefit from it.  The fact is, we’re usually harder on ourselves than we are other people, which ends up resulting in us only being able to see all the things we think we’re doing wrong.  It can be very hard for us to see what we’re doing right or to even recognize the things in ourselves that we’re most gifted at.  Ultimately, we need to remember that if this is the case for us, then it is most certainly for other people as well.

So how does this place responsibility on us as photographers, business owners, and humans?  Because it makes it our job to reach out to others that may be struggling to remind them of their strengths and talents, and to encourage them to use those strengths.  I’ve heard so many stories of photographers giving up on their business they’ve worked so hard at because they felt like they weren’t good enough and couldn’t compete with the photographers they see on Facebook!  Many of who were actually talented photographers.  Maybe they needed to work on some of their skill sets more, but we all need to be doing that!  The point is, if some of these people would have just gotten a few words of encouragement here and there, I believe they would currently still be strong and growing in their photography career.

A View from the Top - Joshua Hanna Photography

A View from the Top – Joshua Hanna Photography

We don’t have to make some enormous display or act out of it…but never underestimate the power that a quick message can have.  “Hey, really loved that last image you shared!”  “I love the lighting on your subjects!”  “You seem so outgoing and able to connect with your clients!”  “I’ve noticed your work just keeps getting better!”  It’s doesn’t have to be complicated…or long.  It’s just that little boost that can help people get over the next hurdle or simply brighten their day enough to make the effort worthwhile.  It doesn’t even have to be someone you really know.  We all need those positive juices flowing that we can feed off of, and none of us are exempt to feeling a little down on occasion.

Next time you see something that you can appreciate, don’t be afraid to let someone know that they’re doing something right!  Not only within our community of photographers, but in life and faith and family.  Next opportunity you get, lift someone else up and see if it doesn’t raise your spirits as well!  We can all benefit from a compliment now and again!