Look Beyond Photography: Episode 40 “More Important Than Money”

Lately I’ve been too focused on trying to make money, rather than simply pursuing the road that God has laid out before me.

Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to try to make money. I mean, we have families to support and bills to pay…but the problems arise when money becomes more of the pursuit than does the process.  The biggest such problem being that we begin to rely more on the need for income than we rely on God’s blessing and provision.  Chasing money becomes a chain that binds you to a never ending task.  So it’s been a very needed reminder for me that there’s freedom in the hope and promise that Christ gives us. No matter your faith or belief system, simply understanding that the process is what’s most important is a liberating experience. As creatives, we should be striving to create. We should not be locked into the confines of other people’s expectations or trying to follow the same path as millions of other people. We’re the ones that need to understand that who we are, and what we do, are unique and valuable. But more importantly, we should be creating based on what fulfills the desire placed inside of us.

It can be a frightening thought to ignore the impulse to focus on money, but it’s the only way to truly open ourselves up to our creative potential. The money will come…but to put too much emphasis on it is merely a distraction which leads to frustration and a lack of productivity.  If you’re just starting out in photography, it can be very easy to be consumed with where the money to support this career choice will come from.  However, for those of us that have been at this a number of years, we’re not any less immune.  We may reach a point where we’re not so concerned with having money to pay bills, but we’re just as susceptible as seeing money as the pursuit instead of the art.

Under Orders - Joshua Hanna Photography

Under Orders – Joshua Hanna Photography

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people out there in business to make money, and I hope they accomplish all of their goals…but I’m not speaking to business people here, I’m talking to creatives.  My mind has always worked in opposition to “good business sense”.  Because of this, when my focus starts to become “business” related and targeted at making money, I find little to no satisfaction in the work I’m doing.  When I look at things creatively however, and I strive to create based on my interests, likes, and passions.  I rest in the knowledge that God has promised to never leave me or forsake me, and that if I seek Him first, He will see to my every need.  Then my life and work fill with a sense of purpose and fulfillment as I pursue that which I feel I’ve been created to do.

One thing I’m certain of is that neither you nor I were created to chase money.  It’s a soul sucking endeavor with a task-master who demands greed at the expense of your joy.  If you’re finding yourself caught up in the pursuit of money today and are in a rut where you’re just not enjoying your work, I encourage you to take a moment.  Ask for God’s advice and look for ways to satisfy the creative energy that He has placed inside of you.  Trust the process, trust the Provider, and pursue your creativity!