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Look Beyond Photography: Episode 41 “Learning to Say “No””

Seems counterintuitive, but one of the hardest lessons we learn in business is when to say “no”. When we start out, we’re convinced that we need to take every job or assignment that anyone is willing to throw at us.  Seniors?  Yep.  Weddings?  Yep.  Families?  Yep.  Sports teams?  Yep.  Cars?  Yep.  Pets?  You betcha!  I […]

Look Beyond Photography: Episode 7 “You’re Listening to Liars”

When we look back on our lives, the biggest regrets we’ll ever have are chances never taken. Life has a way of making us feel, well…”stuck”.  Some people feel stuck in a job, stuck in a home, stuck in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, stuck in a bad financial situation, the list could go on. […]

Look Beyond Photography: Episode 3 “Close Your Eyes”

Our love of photography is killing us from the inside out, but there’s something you can do to fight this sickness. Just close your eyes.  This may sound counter-intuitive.  I mean, we are photographers for Pete’s sake!  Our job is to open our eyes to the people and places around us and to capture them […]

Look Beyond Photography: Episode 2 “Finding Your Voice”

Photography is a trap that lures you in just long enough to crush your soul.  If you haven’t felt that way, give it a minute…your turn is coming. For some reason, there is a mysterious allure to photography that draws people in by the truck loads.  I think this is because we live in a […]