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Dude Crew Application

JHP Dude CrewWhat is the “Dude Crew”?  It’s a Brand Ambassadorship and Mentorship, rolled into one!  It’s important for a young man’s development to build character, friendships, and a strong moral compass.  …but it’s also an important stage in life as a young man moves into adulthood to show others who he is and the type of man he intends to be.  Our goal is to use the High School Senior photo experience to bridge these ideas to create much more than just epic images, but also a lasting impression!

Welcome to the Dude Crew application!  Joshua Hanna Photography specializes in Portraiture for High School Senior Guys.  From guys that hate the camera, to guys that love the camera, our modern style and edgy, dramatic imagery perfectly suit the look of today’s Seniors.

Thank you for your interest in being part of our 2019 Senior Dude Crew!  Dude Crew members not only get to take part in some epic photo shoots, but also get exclusive access to discounted session rates and discounted art print pricing!

A maximum of six (6) individuals will be chosen to be part of the 2019 Dude Crew.  Below are some important details and guidelines to note before completing your application:

– Those selected to be part of the Dude Crew will need to be available for three (3) photo sessions (dates TBD)…One studio session, one outdoors session, one “epic” special themed session.

– Those selected to be part of the Dude Crew will need to attend the 90 minute “Dude Crew Orientation”.  This orientation will include a short, faith-based devotional (if this sort of thing offends you, do not apply).  The orientation will also include expectations required of our JHP Brand Ambassadors, in areas such as respect, honor, dignity, and conduct…not only as an ambassador, but in their personal development.  Finally, orientation will include scheduling details as well as planning for the “Epic, Themed, Photoshoot” (we ask that parents attend to accommodate scheduling).

– Those selected to be part of the Dude Crew may not represent, or be included in any promotional or publication images by, any other WV based photographer during the 2018-2019 school year.

– There is a $45 non-refundable application fee due upon submission of this form.

– Dude Crew members are entitled to a 75% discount on the session fee.  The remaining session fee is $250 which will be due during orientation.

– Dude Crew members must have suit and tie (or access to suit and tie) for the studio session and special themed session.

– Included for each Dude Crew member is a free 8″x12″ print of Mom with her baby boy and Dad with his young man.

– Dude Crew members will have exclusive access to a 50% discount on all art prints and products (2019 session & product guide to come soon).

– Dude Crew applicants must follow @jhphotodesign on Instagram, must share the 2019 Dude Crew graphic on their personal instagram, tagging @jhphotodesign along with tagging 15 friends on the post.  Application will not be considered “completed” until this process has been done.  (See @jhphotodesign’s Instagram feed for the Dude Crew graphic)

Fields marked with a * are required

Please complete Senior info below:

Please complete Parent/Guardian info below:

At Joshua Hanna Photography, we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards and we look for brand representatives to do the same.

By submitting this application digitally, you agree to the following:

- Applicant attests that he will behave himself with dignity and honor, respecting others, obeying the law, free from drugs and alcohol, and in a manner fitting for that of himself and his family...not only as  JHP brand ambassador, but in daily living.

- Applicant will not represent any other photographer, free or paid, for print, post, or publication, during the 2018-2019 school year.

- Applicant will be present and attentive for Dude Crew orientation.

- Applicant will be present for all scheduled photoshoots (every effort will be made to accomodate all members schedules as much as is possible.)

- Applicant will adhere to all guidelines set forth above.

- Failure to comply with any portion of this agreement will result in loss of Dude Crew membership and forfeiture of any funds paid.

- In order to encourage serious applications only, Parent/Guardian and Applicant understand that the $45 application fee is non-refundable, even if not chosen as a 2019 Dude Crew participant.

- Parent/Guardian and Applicant understand that there is a $250 discounted session fee for those accepted, due at 2019 Dude Crew Orientation.

Finally, we want our Dude Crew to have fun and create some epic images together!

Senior Applicant: I have read and understand all guidelines, terms and conditions

Parent/Guardian: I have read and understand all guidelines, terms and conditions

Upon clicking "Submit" you will be directed to the payment page.  Application is not valid until payment is complete.